• Your own body weight replaces all gym equipment and strength machines!
  • All you need is your own body
  • You save thousands on health club fees

I've been doing resistance training for 10 years, and over the last 5 years I've worked intensively with various trainers, physiotherapists and sports scientists. So I can say from experience that if you've been in the game long enough, all you have to do is look at a training program and you'll know right away whether it's efficient and will produce optimal results. When designing a program, I prefer to rely on competent coaches: Not only do they have a personal interest in optimizing their athletes in terms of strength, performance and specific fitness, they also have to consider the crucial factors of health and longevity. Your programs must enable continuous progress while avoiding unwanted imbalances.


Basically, BWT has a strong tendency towards pressure movements and against pulling movements. Because thanks to gravity, all you have to do for an effective workout is lower your body weight and then push back up. Examples include squats, lunges, push-ups (for handstand pros). It is imperative that you integrate these pressure movements into your program. But what about the train movements? For such exercises you need a pull-up bar, a pull-rope mechanism – or extremely sturdy furniture. You can then pull your body around the furniture to train the traction muscles, which are also important for your body's structural balance, and to counteract one-sided adjustments in your posture through the trained pushing movements. Almost all BWT programs tend towards pressure movements. Despite their high effectiveness, pull exercises must be given the same importance in terms of number, repetitions and sets, otherwise structural imbalances can arise: Excessive training of the quadriceps, knee problems, shoulder pain as well as pelvic tilt and pain in the lumbar spine area are just some of the negative effects can be caused by a poorly designed exercise program.


Many athletes like the idea of ​​being able to train efficiently and conveniently at home. Most fitness enthusiasts have a health club membership and are therefore already highly "addicted" to
gym equipment and free weights etc. I'm admittedly a big believer in resistance training of any kind, but BWT is undoubtedly the most practical and therefore most enjoyable training method. All you need is your own body, so you'll always have it with you, wherever you go, and you don't need a spotter to belay you. In other words, when you use your own body as a "dumbbell," you can always have a great workout.

Progressive BWT can help you make huge gains in functional fitness in terms of strength, power, balance and endurance. And the latest research results show that
you can increase your mobility just as well or even better with BWT than with stretching. Exercising will make your body lean, supple, and athletic. Push-ups and pull-ups will no longer intimidate you. The confidence that BWT gives you will be reflected in every aspect of life - not to mention a tight ass. You will never have to fear again, e.g. B. having to neglect your training on vacation, because effective training sessions can also be done comfortably in your hotel room.You will realize that you don't need barbells, dumbbells or pull ropes. Armed with the fundamental biomechanical knowledge of BWT, you can train with just as high a muscle load as in hard technical resistance training. Even better, you'll save thousands in health club fees—without sacrificing the quality of your workout. It is better to invest the money saved in healthy nutrition in order to increase your training success. And all of this in the comfort of your own home!

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