Physical strength is the most important thing in life
Ultimately we are still animals
Only those who were strong enough survived

Physical strength is the most important thing in life - whether we like that statement or not. In the course of human history, pure physical strength has become less and less important for coping with everyday life, but it still plays a decisive role in our lives. More than all of our belongings, it still decides today how high our quality of life and expectations are. While in earlier times physical strength was responsible for how much food was put on the table or whether it was warm and dry, today it simply ensures that we can navigate well in the environment that we have created with our advanced cultural techniques . But at the end of the day, we're still animals—our physical existence still determines how we feel and how successful we are. There is no doubt that those who have physical strength and who dare to do something will always feel better than those who lack this strength. I am aware that this claim is met with criticism from many contemporaries who value the mind over the body. It would certainly be interesting to see how a corresponding increase in strength would affect their opinion. As our culture has changed, so has our relationship to physical activity. Our former physical strength came from having to compete in a harsh world. Only those who were strong enough survived. We had to adapt because we had no other choice. This is how the physiology of humans and related primates formed. Nothing has changed to this day. Since most of us no longer have to take care of finding food ourselves thanks to the concept of a society based on the division of labour, physical activity has become optional. So we no longer have to roam the country as hunter-gatherers, but millions of years of adaptation to inhospitable living conditions will not simply disappear into thin air because someone invented the desk. And the way of life based on the division of labor is simply too new in terms of evolutionary biology for our basic genetic equipment to have gotten used to.

There is no doubt that those who have physical strength and are capable of something will always feel better than those who lack this strength.

Like it or not, we still have the potential for strong muscles, bones, tendons, and nerves, and these are evolutionarily hard-earned structures that we need to nurture. Their development has taken far too long to be neglected now. Rather, when we do so, we harm ourselves. They are the building blocks of our physique, and our quality of life depends heavily on our conscious, purposeful effort to provide them with the stimuli they need to stay in optimal condition , for which they are intended. Sport can provide these stimuli. Regardless of any thought of records and medals, regular exercise provides all the stimuli that return the human body to the state it was designed to be. It is not physically normal for Homo sapiens not to exert themselves. That's why it's also the wrong approach to only get active when we want to fix a problem - we definitely have to move to avoid problems in advance. We must move to simulate the conditions in which our physiology evolved in the distant past. Physical activity is therefore a substitute for everyday life in the Stone Age - what you have to do to survive in the 21st century.Century to help body and mind to function normally But what does normal mean anyway? For anyone who is self-respecting, that's not enough. An athlete's decision to engage in systematic strength training can be motivated either by a desire to participate in a team sport that requires a certain physical resilience, or by other, more personal reasons. Many feel that they are not, or cannot be, strong enough without participating in a team sport. The Tayfun Sports team supports and accompanies these people on their way to the dream body.

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